About Us

The origins

Saet was founded in 1916 devoted from the beginning to the development of plant extracts including Licorice Extract. Later the company began to manufacture the finished product from the extract and created the renowned brand of licorice sticks Gatos.

In 2005, the third generation gave a definite boost to the company by Saet Sweets and changing the location of the facilities and revamping the entire factory also made to evolve the company and start selling in other European Union countries, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and others, and to other countries outside the continent, USA, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.

Currently still in its development process, increasing lines, improving processes and innovation.

The quality of our products

All our products are manufactured from natural products and traditional way to offer our customers the licorice life. All our products have as main raw material our licorice extract that has been gathered on the banks of the rivers north and root root chosen to give the best taste of our products.

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